I’m a History and Portuguese Culture teacher at Portuguese School of Union. While teaching, I felt it was necessary to improve the spatial and temporal representation of historical events. I look around and found some useful tools to help me on this job – I already knew and had an old version of TimeLiner 5.0 from Tom Snyder Productions. But my preferred option became Exhibit from MIT. And the example that first caught my eye was the US Presidents Map and Timeline. In this example we can have a presentation of space and time simultaneously, we can visually access to the predecessor and successor of each president as well his geographical provenance. The display of time and space on the same web page became for me a great tool to teach and understand history.

The process of adapting Exhibit to my needs, however, was very hard because I didn’t know enough HTML and JavaScript. To create my first timeline and my first map it took me a few weeks. And I’m not satisfied with what I know now. My Portuguese chronomap is already a great tool in my classes. It helps me on planning my classes. I use him often while I am teaching and it’s also helping my students with their homework and understanding of Portuguese history. So I decided, I want to improve my knowledge of this software and create a better web page. I wish to add more features and make it as responsive as possible – e. g. it doesn’t work on cell phones or tablets.

The use of some Internet sites for education and, in particular, this chronomaps.net triggered the beginning of our wiki.chronomaps.net. When installing the Wikimedia software in Bluehost server, I also found many of obstacles. I wish Wikimedia and its extensions were so easy to install as WordPress. The installation of Wikimedia leads me to study basic Linux commands and presently lacks some hard to install extensions.

This blog is the place where I want to collect answers to my questions while I’m improving these tools and learning to code. I also hope that my posts can somehow help other people with similar issues and difficulties.